52 Weeks: Stranger Inspired: Part 5

So I'm late to posting my week 5 of my stranger challenge... but motherhood and running a business tends to put me behind on some of my projects like this... But I don't want to skip a week, since I do really love this project.  So this last weekend I was with my mom at Santana Row when we walked into Franco Uomo. This is when we met Ike. Ike is one of the kindest souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. When he saw Archer he said, "what a beautiful and unique creation of nature." Poetic right? I felt like everything this man said was poetry. My mom probably spent the next 30 minutes talking to him, amazed at his peaceful demeanor and poetic language. He was just a man that you couldn't be around without feeling an overwhelming sense of peace, which is honestly so rare to find nowadays.

Franco Uomo Santana Row Mens Dress Clothes

I also spoke to David, who I have met before, and learned more about his story. I think it's so fun to hear someone's story. To get to know them on a more personal level and hear how they've overcome adversity to get to where they are. Everyone has a story, and to hear where they came from, where their roots are, and where they started is amazing. Both David and Ike had beautiful stories and their success today are proof that kindness and good character can get you far in this world.

Franco Uomo Santata Row

I love Franco Uomo, their products are such high quality and the character behind those that work here make me want to support them even more. So I couldn't leave before taking some photos throughout the shop. If you haven't checked them out before, I highly suggest you do. You won't find another luxury menswear brand like Franco Uomo.

Franco Uomo- Santana Row

333 Santana Row # 1040, San Jose, CA 95128

52 Weeks: Stranger Inspired: Part 4

Week 4 of the stranger challenge was a fun one!

My friend Ewa, asked me to join along on one of her photo walks in downtown San Jose. I was happy to join as I have never been on one before. We walked around and photographed our surroundings and each other. I also knew this would be the perfect opportunity to do the stranger challenge! But first, I wanted to share images from the photo walk of different parts of downtown San Jose. The architecture was fascinating, as were the people. We went around 10am, so there wasn't very many people out and about, but the lighting was lovely and the weather cool. Taking photos of buildings is also a lot easier than taking photos of strangers. But by taking both, I'm able to grow as a photographer and try new things. Which I'm proud of.

Downtown San Jose street photography
San Jose Improv in downtown
San Jose public transit system
Downtown San Jose building
Downtown San Jose attractions to see
San Jose cathedral in downtown
Downtown San Jose building
San Jose downtown cathedral
Southwest plane flying over downtown San jose
no smoking marijuana in San Jose
San Jose walkway in downtown
Santa Clara Street in San Jose
San Jose City Hall
Downtown San Jose photography
Downtown San Jose Alley
San Jose Improv in downtown San Jose
San Jose downtown man painting sign
downtown san jose booth for two
San Jose firetruck driving in downtown
San Jose Catholic Cathedral
San Jose Catholic Church
Downtown San Jose street shot
downtown San Jose Alley
Couple hugging in downtown San Jose
San Jose City Hall
San Jose California City Hall

Now here's where the people come into play. Below is the selfie our group took in a dirty mirrored window we saw on one of the streets. A small, yet fun group full of talent.

Photography group during photo walk in San Jose

My friend Ewa's daughter about had enough, or she was just posing for a pretty rad photo...

photo of little girl in San Jose

My friend Ewa is who came up with the idea of the stranger challenge, so we both had to take a photo of a stranger on this walk. She went first.

Stranger Challenge with Ewa Samples Photography
Ewa Samples Photography taking a photo
Little girl tired in downtown San Jose
Ewa Samples Photography taking a photo of couple in San Jose

She did such a good job at approaching the couple and getting their photo. It's not as easy as it looks. I'm so happy to be doing this challenge with someone else too!

Ewa Samples Photography taking a photo in downtown San Jose

And here it is, my first stranger (I have 3 total!)

Meet Kevin! I saw him walking outside to put up a wine tasting board to help direct traffic to their store, and he looked really friendly so I approached him. He was excited to be a part of the challenge. I asked him to tell me a unique memory of his childhood. 

His response: "When I was younger, my dad would take me to movie marathons. But that really just meant we would buy a ticket to one movie and then sneak into a bunch of different ones all day long until we got too hungry or got a head ache... then we would leave."

Kevin in downtown San Jose

And this is Benny... no story, but he was standing with the next guy I'm going to introduce

Old veteran in San Jose

drumroll pleaaaaaaaseeee!

This is my third stranger, Señor Rosalima. And this gentleman had some interesting things to tell us...
1. He's portuguese.

2. He likes himself very much because...

3. He never spent a single night in jail.

4. He never slept with another man's wife or another boyfriend's girlfriend.

You go Rosalima!

Veteran in downtown San Jose

Below are images taken by Ewa Samples photography - thank you friend!

To see Ewa Sample's blog post on the walk go here: http://ewasamplesphotography.com/san-jose-photo-walk/