Hey There, I'm Hailey Williams

Yes, I know that's also the lead singer of Paramore, but she spells her name wrong, promise.

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I'm like Jim Halpert meets Lorelai Gilmore with a dash of Phoebe Buffay and a hint of Ron Swanson.

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I have dedication and determination like Jim, with the obsession of coffee and wit like Lorelai, the heart and uniqueness like Phoebe, and the love of breakfast foods like Ron.

Want to be best friends already?

I believe in the moments that flash before our eyes and those we don't see. I believe in love being transparent and emotions being raw. I believe in the no-makeup faces loving on their babies and the men who aren't afraid to cry. I believe that memories should be experienced and also be held on to through photographs. I believe that photos are there to capture a moment in time, not to be the source for a moment to happen. I believe in documenting the world and people as it is. I believe that my job is to play an intimate role within people's lives as I watch their memories unfold before my eyes. I believe that everyone deserves to have their story be captured as beautifully and authentically as they happened. I believe in my ability to do that for you. 

Let's tell your story.

"you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky" 

- Michael Scott


Archer Inspired: Behind the Name

I've gotten the question a lot about why I chose to name my business Archer Inspired. Here's why! When I first fell in love with photography, I wasn't married and still had my maiden name: Archer. So Archer Photography began when I was about 16 and continued on as hobby, yet passion, for quite a few years. After I turned 20, I got married to my best friend and my last name changed to Williams. From there, I still just used the name Archer Photography, but still didn't take it as seriously as I one day would. A couple years later, we found out we were pregnant with our first baby, a little boy that we decided to name Archer Jacob. That's when Archer Inspired was founded. My son is what pushed me to go full time in my business so I could stay at home with him and follow my dreams. My parents always supported my dreams and my son inspired me to follow them. Archer Inspired is a combination of my roots, my family, the birth of my son, and the passion that brought me here today. 

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Behind the logo

My papa (grandfather), Brad Fergon aka Chris Conner, played a significant role in my life. He was a radio DJ for 40 years and helped me get into radio too. When I was 16 I got my first job as a weekend news anchor on Bakersfield's top country station, KUZZ. Soon after that, I switched over to being a part time radio DJ. My Papa followed his passion and was dedicated to perfecting his craft. He was unstoppable and was a local legend for it. He showed me that support and helped push me to follow my dreams as well, even when I stepped away from radio and pursued my love of photography. In October of 2017, he unexpectedly passed away. While I was navigating this loss, I realized that he left a bigger impression in my life than I ever thought. Earlier that year for my son's first birthday, I asked that everyone write him a letter to open when he turns 18. When I looked at the envelope he gave my son, I saw my son's name printed right there in my Papa's all-caps handwriting. I knew at that moment that he was a part of this, a part of me following my passion, I owe it to him.