Archer jacob is turning one!


* Archer's party will have a taco truck and plenty of delicious drinks, so come hungry!

We have plenty of toys and things for archer, and are limited on space living up in the Bay. so after thinking about it, we decided why not make his 1st birthday gifts for his 18th birthday?

so, In lieu of gifts we are asking for two things:

1. Handwrite a letter or note for Archer to open on his 18th birthday!

We won't open these letters at all! We plan on putting them away in a time capsule and giving it to him on his 18th birthday to open. So write down some advice, some encouragement, maybe include something else he may like when he's 18. We welcome any and all creativity with this!

Please bring your letter with you to the party!

If you cannot attend please mail your letter to us at:

17313 Lotus Way, Morgan Hill, CA, 95037

2. Contribute to his ScholarShare 529 College Plan!

Yes, we are already thinking of Archer furthering his education, and we know it can get pricey! So after much research, we decided to go with California's 529 College Savings Plan, ScholarShare. This is a secure site that is backed by the State of California Treasurer. So you can be sure that any information you provide is secure. This specific plan is under my name with Archer as the beneficiary. We are able to use the money tax-free for Archer's schooling. This money can be a university, junior college, even a vocational school tuition, room and board, and even books. If Archer doesn't use all of the money, then we can transfer the money to another beneficiary (like another one of our kids down the road) with no penalty. Whatever you are willing to contribute, we greatly appreciate it! We are excited to watch this account grow throughout the years to help Archer when he turns 18! 

Please follow these steps to contribute to Archer's College Fund*


2. Enter this code: CAZjH4WVh

3. Add your information and the amount you want to contribute

4. If you do not want to use this website but want to contribute, please include a check made out to Hailey and/or Jake Williams with "College Fund" in the memo.


*The eGift code and contribution links do not expire and can be used again at any time.

*Minimum amount is $25.00.

If you have any questions about ScholarShare, contributing to the college fund, or anything else please do not hesitate to text or call me at (661) 599-0822.


* Please bring your swim suit as this is a pool party! Come hang for awhile! We'd love to see everyone we can while we're in Bakersfield!