Winchester Mystery House Inspired

Happy Halloween! 

In honor of this spooky holiday, I thought what better way to celebrate than to blog about a creepy place in and of itself...

 The Winchester Mystery House.

The house that's such an iconic location up here in the Bay area. I have heard stories about it growing up, but never had the chance to experience it for myself. Now that I'm in my 20's with a child of my own, I finally got the opportunity to see it first-hand. Not only was that exciting, but I also got to experience it during one of the creepiest times of year... Halloween.

But before I went to do their new Candlelight Tour, I of course needed to check out their holiday offerings. Aka the booze.

The first thing we tried was their "Maple Old Fashioned." Now, I am a HUGE fan of Old Fashioned's but it also takes a lot to impress me with one that isn't too sweet and has just the right kick to it. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much from a "tourist attraction cafe," but I was sorely mistaken. That had to be one of the best Old Fashioned's I have ever had. The unique flavor of the maple syrup, the strength of the bourbon, just the right bitters... it was delicious. 

Even Archer was given it the eye...

The other adult beverage we tried was their "Blood Orange Margarita." Margaritas can really be a hit or miss type of thing. Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than getting a margarita thats just the nasty store brand, pre-mixed, 99.8% sugar and .2% alcohol stuff. This was the total opposite. It was a perfect blend of tequila and blood orange to create a delicious drink. What made it even better was the souvenir cup and glow stick straw to make it that much more festive.

Before our tour, we were able to check out "Sarah's Attic" which was something I was really excited to see. It didn't disappoint. The new shooting arcade game dubbed "Sarah's Attic" due to the decor and targets throughout was so well themed and was the perfect addition to the courtyard. 

Before starting our tour, we had a few minutes to kill, and this was the perfect entertainment to fill that time. With different types of Winchester guns, you were able to aim at targets throughout the attic to release the spirits within the room. For instance, shooting at a watering can sprayed water at you, where as shooting at the chandelier turned off all of the lights.

Next, it was our turn for the Candlelight Tour. Now, no pictures are allowed inside, so I don't have those to share, but I do have my review. 

Our tour guide William let us in the house to begin our tour. He held a subtle accent and creepy demeanor throughout the tour which definitely helped to add to the suspense while walking throughout the halls. The majority of the lights were off except for the candle that our tour guide was holding and a few strategically placed lights in some of the rooms. The lack of light added this eeriness to the house that you couldn't really explain. It's something you just have to experience.

Throughout the tour random noises and sights appeared that were hard to explain. Shadows with no figure in front of them, noises coming from what seemed like an empty room, chandeliers swaying ever so slightly... 

The tour I felt like, was the perfect length allowing for enough time to look around as well as be creeped out enough for the night.

After the tour, we walked around the gardens. Maybe we should have done this before the tour, because all I could think about was wondering where other spirits could be hiding. I kept looking over my shoulder.

The details around and in the house were all so well put together. The house itself carries so much history, that some may think it would be hard to add to it's charm, but the holidays seem to do just that.

The architecture of the house is something that you can't even really articulate into words. Pictures simply don't do it justice. If you haven't had the chance to make it out to San Jose to check out the Winchester Mystery House, I highly recommend it.

You won't regret it.