Kate Inspired

Here's the story of a girl... who cried a river and drown the whole world.

Sorry, that song just came up on iTunes. Had to sing it.

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Meet Kate.


Kate has been in my life since the good ol' days of Kindergarten. We were always the tallest kids throughout grade school, looked alike, loved sports like basketball and color guard, and made good grades. In the sixth grade my family and I even moved on the same street as her family. Throughout our junior high summers we would have STN's (spend-the-nights) at each others houses pretty much every night and even made up our own written language called PIM (don't ask.)

We went to school together from kindergarten through our sophomore year of high school, until I switched to another high school my junior year. I then stayed in town and went to Cal State University Bakersfield, and she went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. We drifted a part a bit, but there's something about that many years of serious friendship that you can't just ignore. 

Between my sophomore and junior year of college, I got married to the love of my life, and Kate stood beside me as my maid of honor. After that, Kate studied abroad in Sweden and then went on to travel more of the world going to multiple countries. We weren't as alike as we were in grade school considering our lives took different paths. I was living in Bakersfield with my husband, finishing off my bachelors and working on my business. While she had the dream college experience away from home and got to experience different parts of the world. While she was in Sweden, I Facetimed her to let her be one of the first to know that I was expecting my first child.  We both were living great lives and saw each other when we could, which was few and far between.

After one of her adventures traveling abroad and then finishing it off with a trip to Hawaii, she came back to Bakersfield only to find out I was in labor. So instead of going home and getting rest, which she desperately needed after so much travel, she went to the hospital instead. I got to the hospital at 11:30 at night and she stayed until after he was born which was around 4am.

Kate already had a sweet job lined up at Apple up in Cupertino. So again, we thought we were going to be separated by distance. However, at the time of my labor, I already knew that my husband got a job up at the Winchester Mystery House, which meant we were going to be moving to the San Jose area. That meant instead of her and I being a part, we were FINALLY going to be close in proximity again.

So now here we are today. Living close by again and living out our dreams. Hers of working a badass job at Apple doing what she loves, and mine of being a working at home mama pursuing my photography business.

What's also great about a best-friendship is the mutual support we have for one another. So soon after we moved and settled in, she offered to be my model as I scouted out new locations in the area. So all of these photos you're seeing are from the Chesbro Reservoir in the Morgan Hill area.

So cheers to you Kate, cheers to us, cheers to our friendship.

Through all we've been through, you still are and will always be my best friend.