Vazquez Family Inspired

One thing that I love about the photography community is just that... community. I'm a part of a few groups with photographers and some with other creatives and we strive for "community over competition." That's how I met Jen Vazquez (the one in the pretty royal blue dress.) 

Jen is another photographer here in the Bay area and posted in one of the groups we're both in asking if any photographers would want to take photos of her family for trade. Myself and two other photographers took her up on it and scheduled a family photo shoot, something Jen hasn't had done professionally in years.

Now if you haven't been able to tell already from these photos, this family has PERSONALITY. Man oh man, they were a fun group. Each individual's unique personality just shined through in these images. After some group shots, we broke it up into smaller groupings. One of them being Jen and her husband, because every couple needs a good photo of themselves.

I mean how gorgeous is Jen's daughter!?!

During the shoot I asked Jen if she wanted just a photo of just herself. When you're running a small business, especially as a photographer, it's SO important to have a good headshot that represents who you are. That's what I wanted to capture for her.

Look at this fiiiiinneeeeeee lady!

Family is such an important thing, and throughout photographing this family, I felt that they took that to heart and truly believed it. They were all important to one another and their love ran deep.

One thing I love is when I get siblings who are more like friends. Because let's be real, it's really a 50/50 shot that they will either hate or love each other. Well these siblings had nothing but love.

This family was nothing short of beautiful. From their outfits, to their personalities, to their love. It was all beautiful.

Thank you Jen for allowing me to capture these photos for you and your family! And I can't wait until you are able to capture some of my family next!

"Family is not an important thing. It's everything." -Michael J. Fox