Live Inspired

Well, here it is. My first blog. On my first website. About a brand and business I have dreamt about countless nights. Not going to lie, this is pretty intimidating. I've never been much of a writer, I've always just expressed myself through my voice, my actions, my art. So to be sitting here, behind a screen, typing away all while trying to gather my thoughts seems strange, yet oddly satisfying. Fingers crossed I can keep up with this. 

So what is this blog about anyways? I'm not sure. And I think there is a beauty behind that. At least I hope that's what you can see and not just a rambling person typing away trying to be in the "latest trend" of blogging. But hey, I'm all for honesty. So if you're into that, you're in the right place. No covers, no hiding, no fluff of pretty words covering this chick up. Just raw reality and brutal truths. That's how I live my life anyways, so why not have a blog that reflects that? So if you're looking for the fancy script font, the pastel water colors, and the dreamy discussion of a peaceful life where there is always fresh peonies at your table... then click that little "x" button on your tab and run for your life. 

If you chose to continue reading, thanks! Kick off your shoes, grab a cold one, and stay awhile. This will be a bumpy road filled with the down and dirty life stuff with a healthy mix of joy and happiness. But all in all it will be filled with inspiration. Inspiration for a better you, better business, better life, better world. It will be filled with stories of inspiration, whether that's rooted from pain or new life. This blog will be about real inspiration. Because without inspiration, where are we? What brought us here? What is our motivation? 

This was inspired by Archer. My maiden name and the roots that I was raised by. The last name I had for 20 years of my life before I traded it in for my husband's name of Williams. The name I'm giving our first baby, a little boy due July 19th. Archer Jacob Williams. He inspired this, he inspired me. My dream to be a stay at home mom, and a damn good one at that. Even though it may not be a reality at the moment for us, I'll get there. That little human growing inside of me has inspired me to be better, to love better, and to live better. To not hide or to be lukewarm, but to live and REALLY live. 

So again, if you made it through this mess that is my first blog post, thanks, you're a trooper. And I'll leave you with this little nugget of wisdom... find what inspires you, what truly really inspires you, hold onto it, and watch how it helps form your dreams into realities.

Be you. Be real. Be raw.

Live inspired.