52 Weeks: Stranger Inspired: Part 3

Week 3! I will say that this stranger challenge is getting easier. Each week, approaching someone new to photograph... only three weeks in and I feel like it's coming more naturally. This past Saturday my husband and I woke up and took our son in the stroller and our dog on her leash and went for a walk downtown. We have about a one mile walk to our downtown thats lined with trees and quaint little sitting areas. First we walked to our new coffee shop, Coffee Guys, and each got a large cup of black coffee. It started to drizzle a bit outside in the cold air, so you could feel the hot coffee throughout your body. It was such a small magical moment for me. My family, coffee, and our new town. It was pure bliss.

photo of baby in stroller in downtown Morgan Hill

Once we got our coffee, we walked just one block over to the farmers market that happens every Saturday morning. It's filled with local farmers and eateries selling their goods. However, this Saturday, there was such a joyous noise filling the air. Upon walking just a few booths down, there was the most adorable family, playing music together, for all of us to enjoy. This is when I met the Simmons Family Band.

Upon researching their website and Facebook, they describe their sound best as "a family band that plays traditional, bluegrass, gospel, folk, and Celtic music at venues such as rest homes, farmers' markets, parks, and fairs." They had such a harmonious sound and it was such a pleasure to be able to hear it. In between their songs, I quickly told them about my challenge and asked if they wouldn't mind if I took their photo. They happily agreed, and I quickly took their photo so they could get back to playing. 

Simmons Family Band playing at the Morgan Hill Farmers Market

Such a treat to be able to come across such raw talent that this entire family shares with one another! If you get a chance to hear them, do it! And make sure to go check out their site and follow their Facebook page, because I wholeheartedly believe in supporting family businesses!

Thank you Simmons Family for sharing your talent with our community and for agreeing to be a part of my challenge!