52 Weeks: Stranger Inspired: Part 6

I met up with my friend Ewa at Wildwood Park in Saratoga to take some behind the scenes photos for her at one of her photo shoots. Ewa is the other one that I'm doing this challenge with, so we both knew while we waited that we should find a stranger at the park to photograph. 

That's when I saw a guy with his dog and knew that's who I wanted to photograph. So meet Scott and his dog Stella.

Man with dog at Saratoga Park in San Jose

I asked Scott about Stella and her story. Stella is an American bulldog and pit bull mix. She was part of a litter that was dumped with their mom at a vet in Pittsburgh, California. So two months later they adopted a little rescue bulldog/pit mix that they named Stella. 2 knee surgeries and 4 1/2 years later, she's still his best friend and a great dog. She has such a sweet demeanor and loved to be playing at the park. Thank you Scott for sharing your story of your sweet Stella. She's a beauty!