52 Weeks: Stranger Inspired: Part 1

With a new year comes new goals and new areas to grow. Sometimes its hard to think of ways to get outside of your comfort zone and try new things. One of my friends, Ewa, mentioned she was doing a 52 week challenge of taking a photo of a stranger each week. I thought this was an interesting challenge and something I hadn't really heard many people doing before. So I decided to join her along on this challenge.

As many of you know, its been pouring rain all weekend long and expected to keep raining all week. However, we decided to brave the downpour and head to the Gilroy Outlets to use some of our Christmas gift cards. I knew that this was my one opportunity to take a photo of a stranger, or else I probably wouldn't do it. 

You know.. I'm an extrovert. Talking to people is easy and fun for me. However, when you ask them to take their photo, it is a bit awkward. Like how do you approach someone with a DSLR camera in hand and be like "um hi can I take your photo?" In today's society, we are so used to being afraid of people and cautious... rightfully so. So I can only imagine what people are going to feel like when I ask to take their photo.

But as we were in Carters and then Vans, I asked both the cashiers who rang us up, if I could take their photo. I explained to them the challenge I was doing, and gave them my business card so that they could look me up and see their photo. So if either of you are reading this, thank you for saying yes when I asked to take your photo, even though it was probably awkward.

Carters Employee
Vans Shoes Employee

So thank you, to both of you, who are strangers to me, for allowing me to take your photo. Thank you for pushing me outside of my comfort zone and for allowing me to try something new by taking a photo of a stranger. The world is a beautiful place filled with beautiful and unique individuals... and I cannot wait to take photos of more of those individuals every week.


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Gilroy, California