A Black and White Day in the Life of Archer

August 15, 2017: Just an ordinary day. But as I was watching my son play like normal, I realized that I never wanted to forget the normal, ordinary days. I want to remember them, closely. I want to remember his little toes latching onto a chair to pull himself up, or his little hands clinging closely to his ice cream cone as he smooshes it in his face. Or his dirty little feet flying in the wind as I push him on the swing... all of those things I want to remember closely. So just an ordinary day turned into me documenting Archer's day. From the park, to eating watermelon in his stroller, to dinner time and a mini meltdown on the couch, to ice cream for dessert, and then bath time.

Then when I was editing the photos, I realized that I loved SO many of them in black and white. I wasn't sure if it was just because I've been on a black and white kick lately, or if because it highlighted everything Archer was doing. The colors almost distracted the moment for me. The black and white let me focus solely on his expressions, the moment, the action. All of it, perfectly and accurately represents Archer on a random day when he was 13 months old.