Jessica Lair: All of the Lights | Sacramento, California


Meet Jessica Lair

Jessica is clearly beautiful, very fashion-forward, and just exudes confidence. I was best friends with her sister in high school, and have since kept up with her on Facebook. So when we were in Sacramento, I got ahold of her and asked if she would meet with me to take photos. Without hesitation, she said yes and then brought a wardrobe to change into. Now let me say this, she is NOT a professional model and has only ever had friends take photos of her... but I mean c'mon... she SHOULD be a model without a doubt. 

Sometimes in between client work, I try to do photoshoots that are just for my creative freedom. These model calls, have zero pressure or expectations and are just a nice way for me to push myself creatively. That's what these photos were, and I couldn't think of a more perfect model than Jessica.