Allie Turns One... Which Obviously Means We Need Cake.

So let me tell you how I know little miss Allie and her mama Ashley. Ashley is the cousin to my friend's boyfriend. So I mean, with that sorta obviously close connection how could you deny being friends with each other!? Although I'm 96.8% sure it all had to do with how freaking cute Allie is and that she's only a few months younger than my son. And I mean, arranged marriages could so be a thing. So yeah, that's how friendship was made. 


So when Ashley asked if I could take photos of sweet little Allie for her first birthday, I obviously, was like, "UM YES PLEASE!" So we planned for a Sunday night at our local park with a cute little setup by mama and let me tell ya, I was IN LOVE. I've never seen a baby be SO happy and cooperative for a photo shoot. It was like pure gold. To say I love these photos would be an underestimate. Ashley, you're one heck of a mama, and Allie is so ridiculously cute and I can't wait for her to be my daughter-in-law someday. ;)

Then of course, my son had to jump in on the cute girl and cake action. Allie was gracious enough to share. 

Thank you Ashley, for trusting me to capture little Allie's one year cake smash photos. She was such a doll. And I know my son sure had fun as well ;) 

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