Caitlyn Fonda Inspired

Meet Caitlyn Fonda.

I first met Caitlyn through some mutual friends in the Disney community that my husband knows. We met and instantly hit it off, her kindness and bubbly personality was so infectious that it's hard not to be friends with her! Well when my family moved up the Bay Area, we happened to move only about 30 minutes away from her! She recently reached out wanting to get some headshots done, both professional and for fun. She's moving near Disneyland (LUCKY!) to the Anaheim area to pursue her dreams.

Once we got some of the more professional shots out of the way, the "fun shots" broke out! Like I said, she has such a bubbly personality and I knew that would be so easy to capture.


She's also ridiculously stunning. I love stunning people. 

I also love photographing friends, because they don't question me when I ask them to jump in my car so I can drive around and scout out the locations to photograph them on the spot. She was such a trooper and we found some gorgeous locations!

Told you she's stunning! She rocked this shoot and was a total natural.

So here's to you Caitlyn! Thank you for your friendship and you trust in me to capture your photos! I'm so excited to watch your story unfold as you go and follow your dreams. Keep on, keeping on!

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney
Morgan Hill, California