Celebrating the Cake Smash

Lately I've been capturing quite a few first birthdays and cake smashes, and they are FUN. The kids are so unpredictable on how they'll react, which I think is what makes it so entertaining as the photographer. Will they love it and want to eat the whole cake? Will they cry, freak out, and think it's the worst day of their lives!? It's really a toss up. haha, but nonetheless, it's fun, it's cute, and I'm happy to capture these moments for these parents. I also love when parents include themselves in the photos too. Yes this is a milestone for the child, but even more so for the parents. A year of surviving parenthood is a BIG DEAL!

 Below is one of my most recent client's who had the most adorable little girl! (scroll to the bottom to see the cutest little angry face you've ever seen!)

Hailey WilliamsComment