Chelsea + Kevin | Capitola Beach, California Lifestyle Engagement Session

A Day in the Life Session at Capitola Beach in Northern California…

What could be better!?

I met one of my 2020 wedding couples at a coffee shop in Capitola to begin their engagement session. It started with laughter and lattes. We then walked around downtown, finding little nooks and crannies to sneak into to take romantic photos. it was so fun and natural. They walked hand in hand together as we talked about the wedding plans and what’s going on in life.

Once golden hour started to approach we made our way to the beach and pier where the really romantic photos were bound to happen. They twirled, ran, hugged, swayed, and laughed together with their feet in the sand. It was beautiful as the sun rested behind the waves. We spent all in all a couple hours together, just getting to know each other in an organic and natural way.

These are my engagement sessions, and my favorite way to do them. What would be your “day in the life?”

Hailey WilliamsComment