Dayana + Frank Inspired

Meet Dayana and Frank.

They're one of my 2017 wedding couples, and a couple weeks ago we got together to get their engagement photos done. Let me take a minute here while I swoooooooon!

Our game plan was to meet at Hart Park at 3:30. Unfortunately, Frank had to unexpectedly stay late at work and they didn't end up getting to Hart Park until around 4:15. Now with these winter days, that sun sets FAST! So I told them that once they got there, we were going to hit the ground running so we could still have some sun. Let me tell you... these are some of my favorite photos. Everything happened the way it should have.

We stayed at Hart Park for about 15-20 minutes and tried to get as much as we could with the sun. Then I made the decision for us to jump in our cars and race over to the bluffs where I felt like we would get more light since it wouldn't be behind hills. So we sped over and then hit the ground running again. This was my first time shooting at the bluffs, because if I'm over in that area, I'm just going to go to Hart Park instead. But let me tell you, this was definitely a new favorite location!


Plus how many couples can get the moon in their engagement photos!?

Since we were running out of light fast, I asked Frank to move his truck into the parking lot and turn on the brights.

Because every guy wants to get photos with his lady and his truck  ;)

So here's to you Dayana and Frank! You two rocked this session and were so easy-going when it came to the change of location. 

I can't wait for your wedding!


Bakersfield, California