Favorite Images of 2017 | Shoot & Share Contest


So every year, there is a completely free, world-wide photo contest available to participate in, and it's called Shoot and Share. You're able to submit 50 photos into different categories listed, and once the submission time is up, it's then time to vote. Voting goes for 12 rounds and is super nerve-wracking, but also so so fun. This is my 2nd year participating and I was so excited to see that I did better this year than last. Improvement in my work is really all I can ask for. 

This year the stats for the contest were:

412,379 photos submitted to the contest. Over 125,000 voters participating from 130 different countries that spent over 290,000 HOURS of cumulative time casting over 75 MILLION votes. 

Below are my results and photos that placed in the contest.

Archer Inspired Photography Shoot and Share Family Wedding Lifestyle Photographer Morgan Hill California San Francisco Bay Area-30.jpg

My highest placing photo. 

A finalist in the entire competition

Category: Lifestyle/Family Documentary | Place: 289/19,330

Category: Lifestyle/Family Documentary | Place: 289/19,330

Below are the rest of my images that ranked in the top 10-30% of all images entered

Below are some of my other favorites that I took in 2017. The "best of the best" I guess you could call it. One of my favorite things is looking back on my past work to remember those moments, those memories I was there to capture. Photography is somethin' else y'all.

2017 was my first full year full time, and it was absolutely incredible. So much growth, so many new clients, and a reality that I'm living out my dream. 

Now 2018 is already off to an incredible start, and I can't wait for all of the other weddings and sessions I'll be doing this year. A huge thank you to all of my clients, past, present, and future who fuel my passion and have made this a reality.

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