Friday Morning... Because Life With My Child Is Never Dull

Well just a couple days ago I wrote about our typical Wednesday morning, and here I am on Friday with another blog. Because I swear, my kid is hilarious. I can't make this stuff up. Life is SO fun with him. 

So let me tell you what happened this morning: I put him down for his morning nap per usual. Well, I guess he didn't want that to happen. He was crying and fussing a bit, but I figured I'd give it a bit before going in. Well, the crying got more intense. So I go in there, and find him in full protest of his nap. His pants and diaper are ripped off and on the floor as well as his blankets, pillow, and water. So there he is, with only a shirt on, bare butt and all, crying and protesting this nap. So I pick him up, put a new diaper on him, and let him play for a bit to calm down. Well lately his favorite thing to do is to put our shoes on and walk around. So he finds my boots that I wore last night and promptly puts them on and starts walking around. Pretty fabulously I might add. He thinks the sound that boots make when you walk is hilarious. Well, I let him play for like 15 minutes, then put him back down hoping this nap will work.

Well, as I'm typing this, he's sobbing in our room... obviously in protest again. Ugh, okay, hold on... let me go check on him.


Well guys, the nap isn't happening...

He's now eating puffs and watching his homegirl Moana for the 10384610932713856013578 time in his almost 19 months of existence. No nap for him. No sanity for this mom. Let's just say margaritas and game night with friends tonight can't come soon enough.

But really, I love this little monster. As insane, crazy, hard-to-handle, constantly moving, always changing, as this tiny terrorist is... he's really the best. And obviously freaking cute as heck. So I'll just take him on a long walk to the park and count down the hours to margarita-o'clock. 


Just another typical Friday morning in the Williams' house.

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