Grace + Haley Inspired

Grace + Haley Martin, two sisters, two beautiful ladies.

I first met Grace when we both started working at the Kern County Museum together. We both got our jobs right at the same time and immediately hit it off. We shared a bungalow at the museum and spent almost every day together for about a year.

Grace and I soon became really close friends. So much so, that on the day I found out I was pregnant, I called her freaking out and she went with me to go get the blood test because I was still in so much denial. 

Along with being friends with Grace, I also met her family, including her sister Haley. I first met Haley (her name really would be better with an "i" in there...) at Village Fest in 2015. We may or may not have had a bit too much that night... Any who....

Grace has been a God-Send for me. She has filled my days with relevant memes, office quotes, iced tea with extra ice, and questioning cooking skills or if noon is AM or PM.

So when she told me that she wanted to get updated photos of her and her sister, I was so excited to get to photograph the two of them.

Because it is SO much fun when the people you're photographing are total babes. 

So thank you Martin sisters, for being two amazing human beings and being stunning models!

My life is greater because these two are in it.

Usually I like to end my blog posts with some sweet quote... but instead I'll just leave this here.

Bakersfield, California