Guttadauro Family Inspired

Meet the Guttadauro Family!

I met this sweet family through another LuLaRoe Facebook page and did another trade with this lovely mama. But let me tell you, these trades are so worth it! Comfy and cute clothes and beautiful photos of another family? Any day of the week!

This family was one of the sweetest to date. Their little girl was such a ham! She smiled and giggled and was just such a little light. Their love for one another was so evident through out the session and I was filled with such happiness as I photographed them.

And of course, I can't do a family session without getting a few of just the couple. I mean, it all started with these two anyways! I've said it before and I'll say it again, EVERY couple needs a photo of them that they love!

The mom, Rebecca is also a big advocate for normalizing breastfeeding which I'm 100% for! She asked if I would be okay taking a couple of her breastfeeding for her to be able to cherish this moment in her and her daughter's life. I was so excited and honored to capture these for her. And it honestly got me thinking of some different ideas I want to do about breastfeeding mamas. Such an inspiring mama!

So thank you Guttadauro family for sharing your light, and trusting me with your family photos!


San Jose, California