Jeanette + Mike's Wedding | San Francisco, California City Hall

San Francisco City Hall Elopements are my absolute favorite.

This wedding came to me in such a cool way. The bride’s friend was set to photograph the wedding but then come to find out she was going through some pregnancy related things and wasn’t sure if she could make it. She was also in Spain. So she reached out to a large photography community online, that I happen to be a part of, and asked if anyone was available to photograph this wedding short notice. I commented on the thread along with many other people, and out of all the photographers, they chose me. <3

So we all chatted, realized it was a perfect fit, and the date was set.

So I first met Jeanette at a hotel in the Tenderloin district that was close to city hall. I documented her getting ready with her friend and soon to be step-daughter.

The walk over to city hall was a favorite of mine. It was all so raw, so real, so very San Francisco. Construction, dirt, grime, trash, and yet an overwhelming sense of love. SF has my heart.

If you’ve never been to the San Francisco City Hall, trust me, you have too. It is a magnificent building. Gorgeous architecture, and incredible small wedding/elopements. And they’re good at them too! They churn and burn those weddings quicker than I’ve ever seen. But its done efficiently and with care. My couple specifically booked the Mayor’s Balcony and had it reserved for an hour which was beautiful for photos.

After City Hall we drove to where their lunch was going to be after, at Hi-Dive. But before they went in, we walked around the city to document their love on the streets. And of course we got the Bay Bridge in the background. Have I mentioned I love San Francisco?

If you’ve ever considered getting hitched at San Francisco City Hall, do it, then call me to document it all for you. <3

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