Kylee: Liberty High School Senior

I don't normally photograph high school seniors all that frequently, but when I do, they're gorgeous and crazy talented like Kylee! I've known Kylee for quite some time now and I'm always so impressed by her and all that she does. Whether its showing pigs at the Kern County Fair through 4H or all of her band competitions, or just being an incredible person that her parents have got to be so proud of. Basically, Kylee is one of those high school students you look at and think, "man, she's going somewhere!"

Now Kylee's mom is mine and my family's CPA, and being in tax season, her mama is one BUSY woman! Well this year we decided to do a trade of services! Photographing her daughter's senior pictures in exchange for her tax services. Now THATS a win/win if you ask me! So as I sent off all my tax info to her mama (soooo nerve wracking), I met up with Kylee at her school, Liberty High in Bakersfield, California to take her photos in some of her favorite spots, and others where I just liked the background. ;) At the end of our session I told her to back up her truck and sit in it. She was like, "WHAT! It's so dirty! I didn't know you wanted photos with my truck!" Well, Kylee... it's Bakersfield, dirty trucks and cowboy boots is how we do life here, haha.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to photograph her senior photos as she embarks on her next chapter in life. Watch out world, Kylee's comin' for ya! 

Now go look at the beauty! <3 

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