LuLaRoe Inspired

Meet Scott, Julia, and Hannah. 


I first met Julia Masi, through her sister Nanette. I first met Nanette through one of my local Christian women creative groups. I did a photoshoot of all of their kids a couple years back and have always been connected with Julia through Facebook. Recently, she started to sell LuLaRoe. Now, if you don't know what LuLaRoe is, then YOU ARE MISSING OUT and need to go look at it right now! Well, I LOVE LuLaRoe, so I thought, why not a trade? So I got ahold of Julia, and she was looking for some updated family photos. A match made in heaven! ;)

During the shoot, I also took a few of just Julia... because every woman needs some beautiful photos of themselves. (BTW she's wearing LuLaRoe!)


When I first photographed Hannah, I felt like she was so young! I mean, two years really does a lot to growing kids. But when I photographed her this time, I was taken back by her beauty! She is a stunning young lady with a heart of gold.


I had such a blast photographing this gorgeous family! And I also had fun shopping in Julia's inventory!

LuLaRoe brings out the best in people I guess ;)

Bakersfield, California