Nikhil's 1st Birthday Inspired

Nikhil's First Birthday Party | San Francisco, California

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I was so excited to photograph a first birthday party in San Francisco this past weekend. My family and I made the hour trip up there, and decided to make a day trip out of it. Upon arriving, I was greeted by the sweetest family who was finishing the last touches of an adorable train themed birthday party.

Family Photography - San Francisco
San Francisco Family Photography
1 year old - Birthday party photo
Bay Area family photo
SF Family Photography
Father and Son Photography

We first started the day by taking some portraits of Nikhil with his parents.

Bay Area Child photography
1st Birthday Party San Francisco

The cupcakes looked and smelled so good! I loved the little touches of detail on them.

Train themed birthday cupcakes San Francisco
Crepe Bar San Francisco California Photography
Chef San Francisco Photography

There were also plenty of toys for the little ones to play with, and you can tell they were all having so much fun!

friends birthday party San Francisco
California family photography

Once the birthday cake arrived, I was in awe! I mean look at this! It was so perfectly decorated... not a single line was out of place. 

1st birthday party cake photography
mom and son at birthday party photo

Nikhil was having so much fun with all the toys, and getting photos of him was so fun! Look at how cute this little guy is!

little boy at his birthday party in San Francisco
1 year old san francisco boy

Parents blowing out the candles after singing happy birthday!

first birthday cake blowing out the candles
little boy with smash cake at first birthday party photo
First birthday smash cake photo
photo of a first birthday boy at his party
Bay Area family photography
Lifestyle family photography - Bay Area
Bay Area 1st Birthday Photography
Mother and son photography - Bay Area

Family photos are SO important. I truly believe every family should have an updated family photo yearly.

Bay Area birthday photography
Bay Area first birthday party
San Francisco Seasonal Salad Birthday Party food photography

They also has a sweet and savory crepe bar for their guests. They walked up and had made to order crepes! I loved this idea!

Savory Crepe Bay Area Photography
san francisco wine california photography
Family birthday party Bay Area California

... and of course balloons are always a bit hit with the little ones.

Child's birthday party photography San Francisco

When I asked who the bakery was, a lady at the party informed me that she made it, and she doesn't have a bakery. She just does it for fun. How crazy right!? She's AMAZING at making cakes!

Bay Area Birthday Party Cake Photography
Dad and son at birthday party photo
1 year old playing at his birthday party in San Francisco

Those big brown eyes!

cute first birthday boy in bay area
little boy crying at first birthday cake

Nikhil was not happy with all the cheering, and with a mix of being tired, poor guy was not into the cake smashing business.

1 year old not smashing cake in San Francisco

He was more excited about his little dump truck than eating the cake. Which I thought was pretty cute.

little boy with dump truck and birthday cake
First birthday cake smash with dirty hands

It was such an honor to be able to photograph this special day for this family as they celebrated their little guy's first birthday. The weather in San Francisco was beautiful, the details of the party were adorable, and the love for this little one was overflowing!

Happy Birthday Nikhil! I hope this next year is filled with even more fun times for you and your family!

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