Our Typical Wednesday Morning.

Typically our mornings around here are pretty uneventful. My husband goes to work and then my son and I get up to start our day. First thing he does when I pick up from his bed, is he signs "eat." So we walk out to the kitchen and I put him in his chair where he waits for his breakfast. Lately it's been a waffle or piece of toast and a smoothie. This kid LOVES his smoothies, and this mama loves it because I fill it full of all the fruits, veggies, and whole fats he needs. 

After about 15 minutes or so, he says and signs "UP" and "please" to get down to play. But many times he takes his smoothie, grabs his blanket, and walks back into our room where he wants to get up on mine and Jake's bed. He loves it up there. He sits back against the pillows, drinks his smoothie, cuddles his blanket, and watches a movie or show.

This morning as all of this was happening, I grabbed my camera. This same routine has happened dozens of times in a row, but I never stopped to photograph it. But this is something I want to remember, and that's why I do what I do anyways right? To hold on to those moments you want to remember forever. Well this is a glimpse into mine. 

Hailey Williams3 Comments