A Day in the Life: Story Telling Engagement Session | Daniel + Alison

Home, where it all starts.

Daniel and Alison are one of my 2018 wedding couples, and when it came time to plan their engagement session, I wanted to make sure it was perfectly curated to their lives together. They're currently in the process of moving to a new home, so we started there, in the heart of Campbell, California. Before their furniture or any of their belongings were there. Just them, some paint cans, stained carpet, and their dog Pepper. Documenting the brief moments before moving in and starting a new chapter.

This is Sharks Territory

Next we drove to the Downtown Campbell light rail station just down the road. From there we took the light rail to the San Jose Sharks Game at the SAP center. Daniel and Al are huge sharks fans, so are their families. But then again, so is most of San Jose. When we first moved to Northern California, I didn't even know about the Sharks or really care. Now I can't walk anywhere without seeing "THIS IS SHARKS TERRITORY" plastered everywhere. I will admit, I kinda sorta love it and I guess I'm a fan now too... 

At the SAP center, we made sure to take some photos in "their spot." It's where they would meet each other or friends and family member in between each period. One specific food stand, right at the corner. So of course, we took some photos of them there as well as around the center. The Sharks games are a staple to this couple, so it was important that we documented it. 

The Same Table as the First Date

Next we headed from San Jose to Opa in downtown Campbell. This is where they went for their first date. Where they spent hours talking and getting to know each other. Well, according to Daniel, he just listened to Al for hours as she was so excited to tell him all about her summer vacation. They sat at a table on the patio, and she wore a burgundy cardigan. One year later on their first anniversary of dating, they coincidentally got sat at that very table. So we found it only fitting to go back to Opa and ask to be sat at that same table. We sat there on a cloudy day and they told me about their first date and their memories at this restaurant. And of course, it wouldn't be complete without ordering some feta fries and placing the ring ever so carefully in between a piece of feta and a fry. 

Walk Through Downtown

Finally after full bellies, happy hearts, and lots of laughs, we walked through Downtown Campbell, where memories have been made and more still to come. They walked hand in hand as we chatted and joked around. That's what I love about these sessions. They AREN'T photo sessions necessarily, they're just real life. It's like if you were to plan your perfect date with your significant other and you just have me come along as your professional third wheel. That's what these photos are. They're real memories, authentic moments. They're life, their life, together.