Then + Now Inspired

Everyone starts somewhere...

This is the story of where I started with my wedding photography. 

July of 2014 I photographed my first wedding. A woman I knew from church, Sarah, got ahold of me a couple months prior to her wedding and asked if I would photograph it. She knew that I hadn't photographed a wedding before, and that I was just starting out with photography. I had no idea what to charge, didn't know the standard poses, and was unsure about everything overall. However, Sarah and her groom-to-be, Tom, took a chance on me. They hired me to photograph their big day, and that was the start of photographing many weddings since then. 

Their wedding was held indoors at St. Johns Lutheran Church in Bakersfield, CA and then their reception was also indoors at the Racquet Club. Before this wedding, I had been in love with photography for a few years and was starting to take on some paying clients, but this was by far my first big gig. My husband was my second shooter, and we went into it pretty blind, but at the end of the day, we gave it everything we could with the skill set we had at the time. Sarah and Tom had a beautiful wedding and were happy with their photos, which is all we could ask for. 

These are some of the highlights from their wedding in July 2014.

Storey 3.jpg
Storey 280.jpg

And now here we are today...

A few weeks ago I thought back to their wedding and was filled with gratitude. I was so thankful that they took a chance on me. So thankful that they chose me to photograph their wedding and that I was given that boost of encouragement to really pursue photography.

So as a thank you, I reached out to Sarah and offered to photograph her and Tom as my gift to them. I wanted to photograph the couple that started it all, using the skill set I have today. 

To be able to write this blog post and share the photos I took then and the photos I took a few weeks ago is something I'm proud of. To see everything come full circle was such a humbling experience for me.

So here are Tom and Sarah today... and again, thank you both from the bottom of my heart.


Two years can do a lot in regards to learning your skill. I'm excited to see where the next two years take me!



Bakersfield, California