Tour of Santa Clara County Fire District

One of my favorite parts about living in Morgan Hill is the community. I was so nervous being a new mom moving to a place where I knew no one. But I knew it was up to me to make that different for myself. So I went on Facebook and searched any and all Morgan Hill groups. This is when I stumbled upon "The Village of Littles" group. Basically they separate the groups by the year your kid was born. For instance, Archer is year of the Monkey, so he is in the "Little Monkey's of Morgan Hill" group. These groups are active, constantly having play dates and meet ups. Well the most recent one was a trip to our local fire house where we all got to learn about what goes on there and their day-to-day lives. Archer and I brought some cookies for the firefighters to have, and so did some other mamas. The kids were more excited about the truck and squirting the hose (obviously), but everything was super neat to see. Archer was EVERYWHERE, I couldn't get him to stop moving even for a second. I swear, I think he took 12 laps around the Fire Truck and climbed everything he could. He's basically a monster. But by the end of it, he was so beyond happy and left with a shiny new fireman hat. 


A HUGE thank you to The Village of Little's group who's given my son and I a place to feel welcome and included and an even bigger thank you to the Santa Clara County Fire District for your endless sacrifices for our community for welcoming us into your "home" for today.

Hailey WilliamsComment